A Brief FVLOS History

We were originally known as Community Concerts from 1939 to 2006. We changed our name to Flathead Valley Concerts Association and before the 2013-2014 season we re-branded as "Flathead Valley LIVE on Stage" to better reflect our focus on bringing in the very best live entertainment at an affordable price. We also wanted our name to show that we had associated with the LIVE on Stage booking agent based out of Nashville, TN. We try to bring in an eclectic mix of performers and any given season can range from world music, jazz, classical, pops/Americana, Celtic, modern, etc.

Community Concerts started during the Great Depression when small communities could not afford entertainers from outside their community. Additionally, many musicians were literally starving during the Great Depression. The Community Concerts was formed to help solve both problems in 1936. The business model was to sell membership before the artists came to town which allowed the artists to be paid ahead of time as well as cover the cost of the production. This model also allowed the per-person ticket cost to come down to a reasonable price for many people, despite the Great Depression.

So, since 1939, Community Concerts, and now Flathead Valley LIVE on Stage has been bringing high quality entertainers from around the country and the world to the our own Kalispell, Montana in the Flathead Valley.

Finally, please read our bittersweet Press Release detailing the future of FVLOS.

Flathead Valley LIVE on Stage is a non-profit, 501 (C)(3), corporation dedicated to the presentation of an annual concert series for the enjoyment and enrichment of listeners in Northwest Montana.

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